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From the Core

When you work and do your business from the heart, progress and workflow feel effortless. Okay, maybe not effortless, because you are working hard. But the feeling of the work is different, you feel more aligned with what you want and feel more fulfilled. I speak from experience, but I think all business owners can relate.

The same goes for marketing. If you are reaching too far and losing touch with the business you are, you are forgetting your strengths. I find that people, myself included, have a hard time seeing their own business and what to focus on at times. It is almost hard to reflect on what elements should be acknowledged as a strong attribute and added bonus compared to the competition.

Having an outside perspective of a professional graphic designer can metaphorically hold your hand and point out things you may not have noticed about your style or business focus, that will help you stand apart from your competition.

If you are authentically yourself doing what you love, with the logo and marketing designs inline with that, you will see just how powerful design can be.  

Small Talk ...

I am not a person that operates very well with small talk. I want to dig deep into issues and talk about people’s real thoughts. I hope my future clients also think this way, so when we work together we can create some magic. 

Good logo design does not just come from your business category and target audience. It comes from the heart of your business, which usually is formed upon the owner’s idea to create it. The uniqueness of a business can shine through a logo design. 

I try to tap into that energy and mold an image for your business to walk around in, and greet every person it meets. Your business yearns for a custom tailored logo that is as unique as the product or service that you offer your clients. 

Let’s schedule a call to talk about your business’s roots and find what nutrients it needs to grow a wonderful new logo. 

In A Name

What is in a name? This is what sets you apart when people first hear of your company.

Then, what is in a logo? A logo is your distinct energy portrayed through a graphic. No other company will have this logo (if you hire a graphic design, instead of a stock or simple logo.) It is yours, it is you.

You want to have a distinctive logo that matches your company name for a person to be able to recall it in their mind on a later day when they realize them themselves, or a friend they are talking to, could use your services. Then, they will instantly be reminded of your company and company name to help them contact you when the time is right for them to move forward.

This is subtle marketing, of connecting with your audience, but very important.  


I would like to recommend Liz to anyone who has a business or needs anything with a design. Liz was able design me a business card that fit my company and my personality. Her recommendations were great and she is so easy to work with!

Chanee' Lundell Boehnen,
Lundell Insurance

Why Hire Liz

Specializing in logo design, but my design rates meet most budgets.

Custom designs only - no clipart or recycled past artwork.

Flat rate logo design packages, so there are no surprises at billing time.


From the Core

Small Talk ...

In a Name

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