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Wylee Designs offers domain (URL) registration as a service to our clients. The annual cost for a domain registration is $20.
(Yep, that's all!) Once you find the domain name you want, shoot me an email, and we will register it for you.

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Tips for Chosing a Domain Name

Make it Easy: Make sure that the domain name you're considering is easy enough for people to remember, say, and spell.

Get the ".com": People usually aim for "" but sometimes that is already taken. In my opinion it is better to branch out to a variation of that domain name while keeping with a .com, rather than to settle for a .net / .us / .biz etc.

Include your name: You want your domain name to be memorable (fun, play on words, niche related, direct), but make sure it still relates to your company, and hopefully includes your company name. If it doesn't include your company's name, it will be much harder for someone to remember the domain.

Include keywords: If your company's name is Mason Works, but "" is taken, considering adding on a keyword such as, "". Keywords will slightly help your search engine ranking, but don't overdo it.

Can I use a hyphen? Technically, yes, you can use a hyphen in your domain name. I don't encourage it because they are harder for people to remember, and they don't exactly roll off the tongue. But if you are after a popular domain name that is available with a hyphen (in a ".com"), I would recommend doing so.

Avoid long domain names: Not only are long domain names a pain to type in, but it also increases the chance of your visitor misspelling it. Keep in mind that your email will include your domain name, example "". So this is another factor to consider when you determining domain name length.