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Logo Design Monroe WIWhether you have a new company, or you're thinking of rebranding your existing company, logo design is the most important design for your business. Your logo will be used on every single piece of marketing that your potential clients will see. A well-designed logo meets the needs, behaviors, and goals of the company. An effective logo also needs to stand out in a crowd and be an image that you can truly be proud of.

You want your potential clients to remember your logo they saw on your building, billboard, or advertisement, the next time they are in need of your services.
A professionally designed logo will create a brand identity that keeps your marketing consistent and unified. Professional logo design is a business investment that will continually pay you back.


Here are some recent projects and the process behind the designs:

Logo Design Madison WIStampfli Coaching Services help people achieve their goals, enhance their ability, and gain confidence. They specialize in customized basketball instruction, with a wide array of other coaching services. I met with Doug, the owner, and he is very passionate about helping people. It was fun to get to know all about his business and brainstorm on how to best represent it visually. Throughout the logo design process, we fine tuned his slogan down to "Amplify your best" and the rest was history. After just two rounds of designs, this was stood out as the perfect option for him. We developed some stationery, business cards, and are now working on his new website!

Logo Design Madison WINeighborhood House Community Center is Madison's oldest community center. Neighborhood House Community Center provides a safe and collaborative environment and promotes a strong community through educational, recreational, and cultural enrichment programs and events. When we met with the directors, they knew they needed to rebrand the center to be seen as a modern community center, with deep local roots. We worked with them to create a look that would unify their company and create a brand to help them move forward with their programs and target audience. After rebranding, we also created a custom new website for them.

Logo Design Madison WIEnglish Blue Ribbon Farm breeds exceptional standards of CVM Romeldale sheep (including one with 'english blue' wool), for hand-spinners and fiber artists. Their sheep are "coated" from the day they are born to protect their fleece, and keep it in it's high quality form. The client knew they didn't want a run of the mill logo design, and came to us to create something custom and memorable. During the meeting we learned a lot about their industry and clients, and this final logo is a perfect solution to engage their target audience, while leaving a meaningful mark on their marketing. They were so happy with the results that we created some new business cards and notepads to further the brand.

Logo Design Madison WIERP Systems was created for a future marketplace for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for buyers and sellers. The site will create a marketplace for ERP software for buyers and sellers. The client wanted to create a professional brand that communicated trust and integrity. The mark was kept clean and simple to reflect their products, and be open to a global market. More to come!

Logo Design Madison WIFischerdale Holsteins is a family owned and operated farm focused on breeding and developing high quality holsteins. Fischerdale Holsteins takes pride in building a herd of high quality, well respected holsteins that can compete at world class shows and increase profits with merchandising. The farm recently went through some ownership changes, and they wanted to get a fresh start with an updated look. We wanted to recognize the history of the farm while creating a modern strong mark that would match industry standards. The black and white option fit so perfectly for them, that we all felt no color was neccessary for the design!

Logo Design Madison WIWAAL is an association of African American Lawyers dedicated to ensuring diversity in Wisconsin's legal community. We met with the client a couple times to learn more about the organization and what mark would best serve their needs. We went through different options for their board – some more iconic, and some text based. With their longer name and acronym, we determined this logo to be the best solution for their organization. After two rounds of designs, here is the new face of the Wisconson Association of African-American Lawyers! We went on to create an additional HTML newsletter for them to keep up with their membership.

Logo Design Madison WIKoalaPic partners with organizations across the country to bolster their fundraising effort by giving their members, and other users, the ability to create and purchase custom photo products, a portion of which is donated back to these organizations. The client had brought some sketches in to us of ideas he thought he wanted to use. After a couple rounds of custom designs, he realized that less is more, and was on board for the strong iconic look of this logo design. Without getting too detailed in the design, we can represent the business yet draw you in to learn more about it. The client was thrilled, and we are currently working on their website design!

Logo Design Madison WIWisconsin Lutheran Chapelis a mission church to the UW-Madison campus. The Chapel offers different things to different audiences. To those who are already Christian and church-goers, they offer regular worship, involvement opportunities, fellowship and events. To people who aren't regular church-goers or who aren't Christian, the Chapel is a fun, safe place to study and make friends. They offer clean, quiet and friendly study spaces, regular meals, social programming and always an offer to join in worship, prayer or to get to know Christ. We created an iconic logo for them to market to their target audience, and develop a memorable brand. Here is their new logo!

Logo Design Madison WIPretty Pawz Dog Groomingis a local grooming salon that provides a gentle approach to dog grooming. They use all organic, chemical-free products to promote healthy skin, coat and overall health. Their cage-free environment provides a home away from home. They are a small start-up business, that was looking to create a logo that would represent their company in a memorable way. We learned about what makes them different than other groomers in Madison, and created a logo design to help them stand out from the competition while staying true to their core values.

Logo Design Madison WIMilton Family Law is a law firm protecting women's divorce rights, and women & children's rights. We had met with Latrice, the owner, early on as she was starting her business. After meeting with her, she had decided to use Wylee Designs to completely brand her up and coming business. The client's law firm had a very unique niche and really wanted a logo that would stand out. During the logo design process, the rounds of logo designs really helped the client decide how to focus the business on what she loved doing most. After the logo design, we continued on to a business card design, HTML email, stationary, and website design. Check out how we continued the branding from the initial logo, all the way through to the website!

Logo Design ColoradoSe Nutra is a service oriented company dedicated to providing information and a fresh perspective on healthy living. They are based out of Denver, Colorado, but had seen our work online and wanted to hire Wylee Designs to create their new logo design. We were thrilled with the idea of working nationally and happily took on their project. Since we didn't meet the client face to face, we had a phone meeting and had the client fill out our in depth Logo Design Homework. After we had all of our information gathered, we put together 3 inital designs for the client. And after two rounds of logo design ideas, we finished up on choosing the final colors for the logo. Here is the new face of Se Nutra!

Logo Design Madison WICredible Consulting is a restaurant consulting company that performs quality audits, food safety inspections, cost control summaries, and much more. We met with Cheri, the owner, and had an indepth meeting about what her business does, and where she would like to take the business. After a long meeting, and her completing our Branding Homework, we got started on the logo redesign. After two rounds of ideas, and a couple rounds of color combinations, here is the completed logo! The client has been receiving great feedback on the new logo design so far, and we couldn't be happier to hear that. Credible Consulting now has a polished, focused logo to market to their potential clients in Madison.

Logo Design Madison WIChore Care is a home improvement company based on the east side of Madison, that specializes in helping clients with chores they don't want to, or can't, do themselves. When we met with the owners, we quickly realized that the company had many services to offer, but no logo to be the face of the company. The client wanted to keep the blue color scheme, since they had invested in items in that color already. Since the business did have so many different services, I thought that keeping the icon neutral would be best for their marketing. This logo was in the first round of designs, and only needed a little tweaking from the client before it was approved. And voilà!

Logo Design Madison WIBluffside Marketing is an internet marketing firm based out of Madison, WI. I met with the owner, Kyle, after he decided it was time for a professional logo design for his company. His company does social media marketing, QR codes, search engine optimization and more. Needless to say, his potential clients don't really know what he does, so that was a hurdle we had to meet with the logo design. We decided to keep with a simple iconic logo design that could be applied towards many of the facets of his marketing, along with the company name itself. After two rounds of logo designs, here is the finished logo! We are working on business cards as the next step in his new branding process.

Logo Design Madison WITexture Salon & Spa is a new salon coming to Madison this spring! The owner, Alicia, has a lot of great ideas for the salon, but she realized the importance of having a professional create the logo and branding for the company. We met up to discuss her vision for the salon, and her goals for the business. She wanted a logo that was modern, with hints of traditional, that showed a lot of personality. Texture is upscale salon, but we wanted the logo to be very inviting. After a couple rounds of logo ideas, here is the final logo! We went on to create several marketing pieces and a custom website.

Logo Design MadisonWylee Designs is proud to present the beginning of our new product FunnyTargets.com The website is still in development, but has an estimated launch date of March 2011! We will be offering a range of shooting targets, including bachelor party targets, birthday party targets, office venting targets, and a few other surprises! We are very excited to launch this project and look forward to sharing it with all of you. In the logo design, I wanted to design a simple logo that would read well in just 1 color, or reversed in white on the targets, t-shirts, etc. But I also wanted it to be fun and give people a sample of the type of targets we offer. Luckily Big Foot was willing to become our mascot!

Logo Design MadisonHappily Ever After Weddings is a husband and wife team of wedding officiants. They have been a part of over 500+ ceremonies, but haven't had a consistent logo until now. Recently retiring from their full time jobs, they realized they needed to create some branding in their business to compete in the Madison wedding market. After meeting with Jim and Connie, I had a good grasp on what they wanted and needed. I put together some brand ideas that would appeal to modern couples. Together we hit the nail right on the head! This logo was the first of four options that I showed them. After the logo was finished, we worked on their brochure, business cards, and website. The branding worked beautifully over the different mediums!

Logo Design Madison WIFlambeau View Nursery is a small nursery up near Minocqua, WI. This family business first opened it's doors in the 70s, but recently decided to step up their marketing to stand out from their competition in the area. The client came to me knowing the importance of a professional logo design, and asked me to do my magic. They knew they wanted to incorporate the look of a river, since their greenhouse has a great "view" of the Flambeau River. Together we created a logo design that was fun, bold, and memorable! I look forward to seeing this brand continued through stickers for their products, a website, and more!

Logo design Madison WICherry Blossom Events is a Madison based wedding and special events planning company. When the owners came to me for a logo design, they were faced with several design challenges. They wanted to appeal to the traditional wedding crowd, but they also specialize in unique and modern weddings. After understanding the client's obstacles, goals, and their competition in town, I was able to go to the drawing board. The logo that was chosen was from the first round of ideas, and the client fell in love with it. After the logo was finished, we continued their branding with a set of business cards, letterhead, and finally a website. As you can see, the logo forms the base of all their other marketing pieces.

Logo Design Sun Prairie WIThe Soggy Prairie Boys are a talented Bluegrass band out of Sun Prairie, WI. The five guys that make up the band have been playing together since High School, but have never had an official logo. They take their gigs seriously, and wanted a logo that would project that. They also want to phrase out "Soggy Prairie Boys" and focus on "SPB Band", so they needed a logo that would help that transition. I met with the band to find out more about them, and during the meeting we thought of some great concepts. I presented the band with three options. After a couple tweaks, here is the final logo!


Logo Design Madison WIWylee Designs's logo design package includes:

• Free consulation to go over your business's objectives and goals;
• 3-4 custom logo design options to best serve your company;
• Additional rounds for any changes or additional options you'd like to see;
• Preparation of Branding Guide for your new logo;

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