4 Reasons TO CHOOSE a Small Graphic Design Studio

Website Design MadisonConsistency and Quality of Work

When you work with a smaller design firm, you get to speak with the person that is going to be working on your projects directly. By getting rid of the salesperson or person delegating the work to the employees, your message and ideas get to the person who will be creating your vision. You also will be able to work with that same designer when you are ready for that next project. This helps build a strong understanding of the client's needs and view for their company.


Have a rush project or realized you should have started on that job a few weeks ago? Freelancers in general have more flexibility when it comes to arranging their jobs and pushing through that important job for a client. Since there is no upper management to get approval from or a queue with first-come-first-served job arrangements to follow, a smaller firm can take that project and get it done for you when you need it. You also benefit from the designer not having the standard “9-5”, Monday thru Friday, work week. If an emergency with a website arises during non-business hours, the designer has the ability to work later in the day or over the weekend to fix your problem.

Cost Savings

Running a business costs a lot of money when you are paying for all the overhead that comes with employees, office buildings, insurance, etc. When you hire a small design firm with less people, a lot of this eliminated. With smaller firms, some employees work from home, thus keeping the cost of personnel down. In the end this cost reduction allows the small firm to charge less for their services and be a more cost-effective option than the large firm. There may also room for bartering or trading services, depending on your business’ services!

Passion for the Job

Most people don’t pick to own their own design business because it’s going to be easy or because they enjoy doing paperwork. They go in to it because they love what they do and want to make every client’s vision for their project come true. These are the individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe design and are excited to get up the next day and create something great.

Working with Wylee Designs

Working with a small design studio gives a client a true opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship with the person who will be handling their projects. Wylee Designs strives to make communication simpler and take the hassle out of your out-of-office projects. Have a new project coming up? Give us a call, or shoot us an email at ! We always offer free consultations and free estimates, and we’d be happy to talk about your ideas with you!