About Wylee Designs

Freelance Graphic DesignWylee Designs was born on August 13, 2007, by proud parent Liz Hannemann. The company was established in efforts to provide affordable graphic design services to
local businesses and individuals. Over the last four years, the response has been welcoming. Wylee Designs now has close to 95 small to mid-sized clients located throughout Southern Wisconsin, including one Fortune 500 company. Can we add
your company to the list?

Liz Hannemann

Freelance Graphic DesignerOwner & Designer / / LinkedIn Profile
From a very young age, I knew art was my passion. I grew up in Monroe, WI, and started attending my sister's grade-school art classes at the age of 3. I was surrounded by several great artists in my childhood that definitely fueled my love for art. After I graduated Monroe High School, my next goal was a graphic design degree. I attended a great design program at Madison Area Technical College. I started out working at a local print shop for a year and half, where I learned the ins and outs of the print design world. Later, I took a position at a design firm in Fitchburg for two years, but was realizing my freelance business was becoming too big to do just "on the side."
So in spring of 2010, I decided to take my dream job full time to grow my business,
and to do what I love every single day.

Amanda Hirsch

Freelance Graphic Designer Project Manager / / LinkedIn Profile
While I’m new in the world of design, I’m no stranger to creativity and thinking outside the box. As long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed creating things and taking the ordinary and making it my own. In my previous life before Wylee Designs, I had to juggle multiple accounts, projects and planning events. This has given me a respect for deadlines, making a little stretch a long ways and figuring out how to have something turned in today, be completed yesterday. I know and understand the challenges the clients face since I’ve been one before. I look forward to being able to help our clients with estimates and working out a game plan for your next project.